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Carl Will Not Appear On Talking Dead

So, it appears as though Carl won’t appear on The Talking Dead.

The fact that Carl won’t appear on The Talking Dead is disappointing.  I understand that sometimes adult situation and conversations are had on the program, but remember that 14 year old Chandler Riggs was there for the filming of many of these scenes and could provide valuable insight into the making of those scenes and how younger people react to the show and some of the more mature content on it.

Sounds like this came down from the television station American Movie Classics, which has been shortened and advertised as AMC since they started to focus on featuring original programming back in 2002.

Here is the tweet from Chandler Riggs (Carl) himself:

RiggsDenialNeedless to say, I’m disappointed in the decision to leave him off the show.  It would have been great to have Rick Grimes and his son Carl on the panel this week.  Maybe if Carl is still alive on the show in 5 years, that he’ll be invited back to the show…


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