Walking Dead Sets Ratings Records

Not only was the season 4 finale of The Walking Dead a fantastic show that gave us some of the most thrilling moments of the year, but it also set ratings records.

Approximately 15.7 million people tuned in to watch the episode.  That’s an amazing number that easily won the time slot from even the major networks.  About 10.2 million of those viewers were from the age 18-49 demographic, which is ideal for a show to win.

Last year’s Walking Dead finale netted an impressive 12.4 million viewers and 8.1 from the 18-49 group.  It is awesome to see those numbers increase by almost 3 million people in the course of one year.  With this growth in the fan base, it is essential for the show’s creators to keep season 5 interesting retain some of these new watchers.

Congratulations to The Walking Dead on this achievement.  As long as they keep making quality shows, people should continue to tune in.

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