How To Decide Who Dies And Who Survives On The Walking Dead


Recently, The Walking Dead’s Scott Gimple sat down to have a fan interview.  Most of the questions were not very interesting in mature, but one stood out to me.

Here it is:

“For this Season Finale, how did you decide whom will survive and who wouldn’t? Which factors do you use to make this decision?” – Ming Lee

We were fulfilling the overall stories that we had from the beginning of the season. And with those stories — though anybody could die at any time — it doesn’t mean that they have to. It seemed like somewhat of a stretch to do that. I don’t ever want to use it for just shock value. Deaths can be totally random, actually; there doesn’t have to be this giant, built story that leads to a death. In this case we had decided it really wasn’t a part of the stories we were doing. If in fact every finale had death, that would be pretty predictable. We don’t want people setting their watches by The Walking Dead deaths.

So, why didn’t one of the main characters die?  Well, because we were expecting it as fans.

If creative team behind The Walking Dead refuses to give in to peer pressure and can throw the fans off their tracks, it is great for the future of the show.  Keeping things fresh and interesting is the best way to continue to have a fan base grow and keep the base you have.

article-2517047-19C5A67700000578-165_634x501[1]Plus, to be honest, the deaths that already happened in Season 4 of The Walking Dead were already major and shocking enough.  We lost The Governor, Hershel, Mika, Lizzie, and several other minor characters this season.  Honestly, I’m not sure any more major losses were necessary this season.

If you want to see more deaths and carnage, make sure to tune in to season 5 of The Walking Dead in October.

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