Emily Kinney's Music Career Impacted By The Walking Dead

Most fans of The Walking Dead know Emily Kinney for her excellent performance as Beth on The Walking Dead.  However, Kinney is easily a dual threat. She is becoming well known for her singing and songwriting in the music community.

If you haven’t heard her music, here is her playing a song called “Expired Lover”:

Some of those lyrics are pretty dark.  During an interview with American Songwriter, Emily Kinney spoke about how working on The Walking Dead impacts her songwriting:

“There are episodes that don’t really feature me as much, so at those times, I have enough emotional space to be thinking of songs, and to come home from the set and do that with my free time. I also have times where the show is all encompassing, and Walking Dead just rules my life. Obviously, the show is very physically and emotionally demanding, so if it’s been a busy day, I’m spent by the end of it. I’m not gonna home and write a song. I’m gonna go home and think about what I’m doing the next day, so I can be on top of my stuff. Every day is different.”

The darker, more disturbing scenes from The Walking Dead could have a devastating impact on songwriting.  Still, Kinney is able to make beautiful music that she shares with the world.

Hopefully, Emily Kinney will return on season 5 of The Walking Dead this October.

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