Lennie James To Star In Medical Drama "Critical"


Fans of The Walking Dead will remember Lennie James for his performance as Morgan Jones.  Morgan was one of the first survivors that Rick came into contact with after he escaped the hospital in season one and he also met up with him again later on while gathering supplied for the impending war against Woodbury.

Critical-Teaser-01-16x9-1[1]Well, Lennie James is getting a starring role in the new medical drama “Critical” to be shown on the Sky network in the UK.  James is currently cast to play Glen Boyle in the show.  Here is the trailer for the show that is currently being filmed and is scheduled for a 2015 release:

It looks like it could be a can’t miss program if you’re a fan of medical dramas.  Plus, we already know that Lennie James is a fantastic actor and should help make this one of the most popular shows in the UK.

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