Norman Reedus Wants To Make A Book Of Fan Art

It isn’t too often when a celebrity wants to showcase the artwork that he gets from fans, but that’s exactly what Norman Reedus wants to do.

tv-walking-dead-daryl-crossbow-poster-GBfp3079[1]Norman Reedus took to Twitter and called for his fans to email him their art in order to include it in a book that he’d like to put together.  Reedus has an intense fan following from his times with The Boondock Saints and The Walking Dead.  He considers himself an artist as a photographer, yet really loves some of the works of art he gets from fans.

He followed that up with a tweet about where to send the artwork for consideration of inclusion.

And it didn’t take long for fans of Reedus to respond and start sending in their work

You can send some of your best fan art to Norman Reedus’ email address if you want a chance at it being included in the book.  Whether you’re a fan of Daryl Dixon or Murphy MacManus, sketches or paintings, sculpture or photography, this is a great opportunity to get your fan art published.



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