Walking Dead Season One Coming To Xbox One And PS4

I can’t hide my love for The Walking Dead game from Telltale Games.  The unbelievable story of a man getting a second chance at life and a young girl stranded by circumstance is what makes The Walking Dead Season One one of the most powerful games I’ve ever played.

Walking-dead-episode-3-lee-and-clementine-rv[1]If you still haven’t had the chance to play this fantastic game series, your chance may be coming soon.  Especially if you’re an owner of an Xbox One or Playstation 4.  Recently, Gamestop’s website has added “Game of the Year” editions on those systems to their preorder list.  While there hasn’t been an official announcement that I have been able to find yet, this is great news for gamers.

Here is where you can go to get them when they are released on June 17th of this year:


Playstation 4: CLICK HERE

This game is already available on many other platforms, including android devices, last gen systems, computers, and even Kindle Fire.  But the lack of quality games on the next-generation systems has been an issue.  With the addition of this fine title, some of that concern will have to be lifted, even though it is an older game being re-released.

Fans of The Walking Dead tv show and comics will see several nods to those mediums as well as plenty of unique and interesting characters and situations.  The Walking Dead Season One is a MUST PLAY for any fan of The Walking Dead.

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