Meet Sharbino And Rooker At Minneapolis Comic Con

Fans of The Walking Dead in the Minnesota area should flock to the Minneapolis Comic Con for a chance to meet two stars from the hit television show.

May 2nd through 4th, Minneapolis will be home to a mecca of guests from all forms of media.  They have mega stars like William Shatner, Nathan Fillion, Matt Smith, Robert Englund, and many others, but the big draw for me is the folks from The Walking Dead.

Here are the two guests from The Walking Dead that will be featured at the show:

  • TWD-Merle-Dixon[1]Michael Rooker – Rooker is by far the top reason for me to attend the Minneapolis Comic Con. I’ve loved watching him work ever since I saw him in Mallrats as Mr. Svenning.  When I saw he was cast on The Walking Dead, I got really excited to see him, and he did not disappoint.  As Merle on the show, he has added a great dynamic to the show by inserting a character with big attitude and loud opinions.  Although Merle is no longer on the show, we still feel the impact that his character made on the universe of The Walking Dead to this day.
  • walking-dead-lizzy-moment[1]Brighton Sharbino - Oh, Brighton. Her character provided one of the biggest WTF moments of season 4.  As Lizzie Samuels, we saw her and her younger sister Mika trying to survive in the walker filled world.  However, Lizzie’s mindset wasn’t one that could allow that to happen.  Her fragile mental state made her a huge liability to the group and more importantly to herself.  Her adamant belief that the walkers wanted to be her friends and that they just wanted her to “change” eventually led to her demise.  The show will never be the same after what happened with Lizzie and Mika.

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