"400 Days" Characters To Appear In "In Harm's Way"

thewalkingdeadinharmswayscreenshot3[1]Hardcore fans of The Walking Dead: A Telltale Game are in for a treat soon.

Remember how you had to make those tough decisions during Season One of the game?  And if you played the story during “400 Days”, you had to make similar tough calls?  Well, it’s time for the decisions that you made during the previous games to make a big impact.

thewalkingdeadinharmswayscreenshot5[1]Season two of The Walking Dead: A Telltale Game has been kind of a letdown so far, but things look to be picking up at an intense pace.  With human threat added to the terror coming from the walkers, it is no surprise that we will be introduced to new characters.  The bonus of playing the other games is that you will be familiar with the new faces added to the fray.

Most notably, if you played “400 Days”, you’ll find yourself recognizing quite a few of the faces that will be introduced in episode 3 of the second season of The Walking Dead: A Telltale Game titled “In Harm’s Way”.

In a recent article from Playstation Lifestyle, they spilled the beans about the crossover and introduction of the new characters.  Interestingly enough, although there is still no confirmed release date for “In Harm’s Way”, there is plenty of speculation as to when it will be available.

A representative for Telltale Games recently released this statement:

 “We will soon be able to confirm release dates for PC/Mac, console, mobile, tablet and additional handheld devices via digital distribution in the very near future.”

It should be safe to say that “In Harm’s Way” will most likely be released May of this year.


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