Fox International Channels Scores With The Walking Dead

American viewers of The Walking Dead may not be familiar with how difficult it is for other countries to view the hit television series.  Until recently, many countries had to wait until syndication, illegally stream, or wait for physical copies of the program.

Now, Fox International Channels airs the episodes of The Walking Dead within 24 hours of their premiere on AMC in 14 countries around Europe.  They cashed in on it big time, picking up over 25 million viewers according to TV Wise UK. FIC_logo__131016130630[1]

Fox International Channels has a motto of “First On Fox” where they try to show each each episode as soon as possible after the show premieres.  This decision has resulted in huge success for FIC, adding almost 10 million new viewers to their channels. The Walking Dead was a huge part of of the success of Fox International Channels.

Throughout the first eight episodes of season 4, the show had a steady audience.  However, after showing the episodes within 24 hours of the premiere for the final 8 episodes of the season, it brought The Walking Dead to be the #1 show on Pay TV in the time slot. By the time the season 4 finale was aired on Fox International Channels, it became the highest rated show ever on FOX UK when it had more than one million viewers.

This approach will be made with other high profile television shows like Da Vinci’s Demons, Louie, True Blood, and Falling Skies.  But remember, it was The Walking Dead that did it before them and did it the best.

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