Seth Gilliam Joins The Cast Of The Walking Dead


Actors from the television show The Wire must be like Pokemon because The Walking Dead is trying to collect them all.  According to IGN, they just added Seth Gilliam to the cast.

Seth Gilliam joins two other actors from the critically acclaimed show The Wire on the The Walking Dead.  Those actors are Chad L. Coleman (Tyreese) and Larry Gilliard, Jr. (Bob).

As of this writing, it is unknown who Gilliam will play on the show, but odds are that it will be a somewhat high profile role considering the impressive resume that he has accumulated over the course of his acting career.  Here are some of the roles he has had in the past:

  • Teen Wolf (TV) – Dr. Alan Deaton
  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent – Detective Daniels
  • The Wire – Ellis Carver
  • Law & Order: Trial By Jury – Terence Wright
  • Oz – Clayton Hughes
  • The Cosby Show – Aaron Dexter
  • Starship Troopers – Sugar Watkins

The Walking Dead isn’t the only big thing coming up for Seth Gilliams.  He will be in the movie Police State that will be released in 2015.  However, I am very interested to see what will be in store for him on The Walking Dead.

Although I haven’t watched “The Wire”, I have heard fantastic things about the program.  If Seth Gilliam’s acting is anything like that of Coleman or Gilliard, fans of The Walking Dead will be in for a treat when he makes his debut during season 5.

You can see Seth Gilliam and the rest of the cast of The Walking Dead when the show returns to AMC for season 5 in October.

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