Torturous Screams Heard During Season 5 Filming

We got a little more information about the filming going on during season 5 of The Walking Dead on May 8th.

If you follow The Spoiling Dead Fans on Facebook, you’ve seen the photos of Norman Reedus against a wall with a black eye playing on his cell phone.  Sounds like Daryl Dixon will be getting roughed up a bit in the upcoming episodes.  Hopefully the lady fans don’t mind seeing him with a shiner.

They also shared a photo of a downed walker in what looks like a building filled with zombies.


It was confirmed that all the characters currently trapped inside the train car at Terminus were present for filming on location in Georgia.  However, loud screams, gunshots, and walkers were reported at the filming site.

BnIsSaZIEAAs8cI[1]The loud, agonizing screams could be several things.  They could be torturing their captives.  They could be dismembering their hostages to provide the members of Terminus with fresh meat for meals.  Or maybe they’re just feeding walkers of their family that were inside the building pictured above.

Although The Walking Dead sometimes moves away from featuring on the “zombie” element of the show to feature on the struggles between surviving groups, keeping the walkers involved in the show is important to remind viewers of what brought these people to the point that they are at in the show.

What do you think the screams and gunfire are at Terminus?  Do you think this bodes well for the survivors?  And what the heck is going on in Terminus?

We’ll find out in October when Season 5 of The Walking Dead returns.

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