First Photo From Season 5 Released

While The Walking Dead is filming down in Georgia, the cast and crew are pretty tight lipped about what is going on down there.  Every time we get a morsel of information about what is coming up in season 5, we get a little more excited for October.

walking-dead-5[1]The first official image released is a photo of the bruised and battered Rick Grimes.  Rick was left in a terrible situation on the season 4 finale where he had to take matters into his own hands for the survival of himself and the group.

His hands are still covered with blood, as well as the side of his face.  An open wound that looks somewhat healed rests on his forehead.  His hair looks like he hasn’t bathed in weeks and his beard is the longest that I remember seeing from Rick Grimes in the past.

His jacket somehow looks clean of blood and stains.  Why he’d be wearing such a jacket on a hot day in Georgia after being locked inside a steaming hot train car makes me curious, but maybe he sees it as some kind of armor or blanket when (or if) it gets cold at night.

With more official photos hopefully being leaked soon, we should be able to put together a better idea of what happened with Rick and the gang after their inevitable escape from the train car.

Or maybe we’ll just wait until October when season 5 of The Walking Dead returns to AMC.

Who am I kidding?  I’ll be scouring the internet for every piece of information I can get until then.

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