Are Rick And Michonne Secretly A Couple?

A lot of fans of The Walking Dead love the relationship between Glenn and Maggie.  They adore the idea of Daryl Dixon flirting with women like Carol.  But not a ton of talk has been made about the awkward relationship between Rick Grimes and Michonne.

In my opinion, this would be a marriage made in heaven.  They seem to share a connection both emotionally and physically.  You can see in their glances at each other that there is more than just mutual respect there.

Michonne,Carl,Rick_(Claimed)[1]But the biggest part of why this would be great for the show is Rick’s son Carl.  After having to execute his own mother, Carl has struggled to find guidance after relying only on his father.  Michonne stepped into that role and is a friend, confidante and mother figure in a big way.

The walk along the train tracks to Terminus just felt like a family.  The games they were playing together and the way they spoke with each other felt like they had been together for years and years.  It even helped bring a Rick out of his shell for a moment when they were having the contest to walk along the rails.

Michonne may not feel that way, but Rick has helped her many times in the past.  Between their encounter with “The Claimers” and the events at the prison, Michonne probably does feel some sort of debt to Rick.  But being in debt to someone is no reason to build an emotional attachment to someone.  Instead, she could feel that he cares for her instead of just doing his job.

What do you think?  Would Rick and Michonne make a good couple?  Or are they already a couple and just not letting people know about it?



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