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Zombie Themed Game Show To Hit BBC Network

Zombies were a popular genre long before The Walking Dead came along.  However, the hit AMC show has turned zombies into a phenomenon.  We’ve seen tons of zombie movies, tv shows, and games hit the market since the zombie boom, but nothing like what the BBC Network is going to be airing soon.

Logo from the BBC Network Television company.

Logo from the BBC Network Television company.

Hollywood News Daily has reported that the BBC has greenlit a game show where the contestants will have to use “urban survival tactics” to survive a “zombie” invasion inside a shopping mall.  If this situation sounds familiar, then you might be an old school fan of zombie flicks or remakes.

The plot of the game show sounds like it comes directly from the classic (or well-remade) film “Dawn of the Dead” by legendary zombie pioneer George A. Romero.  While the concept of this game show sounds like it could be intense, it could be hard to create that kind of tension when there is no real physical threat from the zombies.  But this could be a bit like a shopping mall version of The Walking Dead Experience.  That obstacle course is a very popular and fun zombie-related experience.  It is difficult to gauge how much fun the show will be as a viewer instead of a participant though.

BBC has ordered 7 episodes of this show, so watch for it to hit televisions sometime in the near future.


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