Stephen Yeun Hints At Walking Dead Season 5 Chaos

Through the first four seasons, I’ve grown to really enjoy the character of Glenn Rhee, played by Stephen Yeun.   Glenn has transformed a lot since he came on the scene early in the first season of The Walking Dead.  We’ve seen him transform from a delivery boy, to a supply runner, then a guinea pig, a lover, and then a group leader.  We’ve seen him do anything in the name of love and lose people close to him.

maggie-the-walking-dead-recap-are-glenn-and-maggie-really-married[1]One thing for certain is that Stephen Yeun sure knows how to keep fans of The Walking Deads make their imaginations run wild.  This week’s spoiler page on E! Online featured a quote from Stephen Yeun himself:

“It’s a different reality that they find themselves in. It’s the decision to remain in humanity or completely let go and be a savage, that’s kind of the question that’s on every characters’ mind and its up to them to decide where they go.”

We’ve seen people lose a bit of humanity already on the show.  From the vicious actions of The Governor to Rick Grimes resorting to his primal instincts, the world of The Walking Dead has really become one that is unpredictable and is never safe.  Sanity is something that would be hard to come by in this environment when everyone around you is dying and you always fear for your life and you can’t truly trust anyone besides yourself.

It’s hard to imagine anything being more savage than what we’ve already seen, but judging by what we’ve heard from Stephen Yeun, we could be in for a real treat during season 5.

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