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Stephen Yeun Discusses Season 5 Glenn Rhee Rumor

Stephen Yeun has been a busy guy.  Just yesterday, I wrote a story about how he was talking about the craziness that is about to happen in season 5.  Well, it seems as though he’s heard one of the major rumors that is floating around about his character Glenn Rhee and took a moment to discuss it.

The rumor is this:  after a cast and crew dinner and Yeun not being on set for a couple days, rumors started circulating that the character of Glenn Rhee had died.  There were some ominous tweets on Twitter that supported the cause as well.  Because of that, the rumor swept far and wide.  Heck, I even wrote about it.

However, E! News came right out and asked Yeun about the rumor while he was promoting his new film, I Origins.  Here’s what Yeun had to say:

“Ugh, I mean…Sometimes it’s rough, I mean sometimes its awesome. We will see what happens, yeah.”

From the sound of things, he’s been asked this before.  It is pretty standard for actors on The Walking Dead to be tight lipped about the happenings on set and Stephen Yeun’s response was no different, but that kind of reply does give fans of Glenn a lot more hope after the grim rumors spread like fire.

Robert_Kirkman_TSK[1]The best quote about the rumors came from The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.  Here’s what Kirkman said:

“It means people care and people are paying attention. So keep those rumors flying!”

And we will, Mr. Kirkman.  We definitely will keep speculating and caring about the future of The Walking Dead.

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