Carol Or Beth: Which Relationship Would Be Best For Daryl?

Recently there have been rumors swirling around about the sexual orientation of The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon.  Personally, I don’t see the creative forces behind one of the top shows on television making that big of an adjustment to one of their iconic characters.

In the past, fans have loved to speculate as to which girls would be best for the rough redneck.  Their two major ideas for a relationship for him are Beth Greene and Carol Peletier.  Here’s a quick breakdown of how I think the two girls are either good or bad for Daryl Dixon:

Beth_and_Daryl_piggybackride_oh_so_really_cute[1]Beth Greene

  • Personally, I’m not sure why fans want to see Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene hook up.  Sure, she’s a cute young girl who can sing songs around a campfire, but I’m not really seeing what she would bring to a relationship with him.  Even when they were travelling together after the destruction of the prison, there was very little sexual tension and much more of a big brother and little sister relationship feeling between the two.

the-walking-dead[1]Carol Peletier

  • Carol gives Daryl some of the structure and stability that he needs in a relationship.  The fact that she’s a mature woman who has gone through so many traumatizing things with Daryl Dixon and the rest of the group adds to the emotional attachment that they have for each other.  In the past, they have flirted and thrown sexual innuendos at each other, but have never seemed to seal the deal.

So, what do you think?  Do you think Daryl Dixon should become an item with Beth?  How about Carol?  Or maybe even one of the other survivors in the world of The Walking Dead?  Let me know in the comments.

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