Walking Dead Rumor: Does A Character Die Twice In Season 5?

Fans are hungering for any piece of information about The Walking Dead because they’ve been waiting so long already for season 5 to come along.  So when I heard the rumor that one character from season 5 would die not once, but twice, I had to jump at the theory.

According to an article on the HNGN website, and is said to originate from Reddit.  The original poster named “carval” on Reddit, posted this quote:

Irine Ziegler, who plays the broadcast woman in terminus, recently let it slip in one of her classes(she’s a teacher at URichmond) that she is in 4 episodes, and gets killed both as a human and a zombie. I was in the class, so this is a first hand account.

250px-BroadcasterA[1]Although the broadcast woman from Terminus is a minor character in the scope of season 5, the fact that we will see her meet her demise as both a human and a walker shouldn’t be too much of a surprise.  She’s the voice of a lying and misleading organization that is rumored to be cannibalistic.

Her eerie and repeated message that she broadcasts is enough to dislike her. Here is what she speaks into the microphone over and over:

“Terminus, those who arrive survive. Follow the tracks to the point where all lines intersect. There are maps at the crossings to help guide you with your journey.”

In the season 5 trailer for The Walking Dead, we saw that Terminus was overrun with walkers and there weren’t a lot of survivors left inside the compound.  If the account of the activities by that Reddit user are true, we’ll get to see this woman die twice in season 5.

Hopefully, some sense of revenge will come from her deaths.

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