New Walking Dead Season 5 Teaser Video Is Intense! [VIDEO]

It has been a good couple days for fans of the top rated zombie show on television.  Yesterday, we got a glimpse at the new promotional poster for season 5 of The Walking Dead.  Today, we get another teaser video.

This time, it focuses on Rick Grimes having a conversation with someone and not exactly being the most polite person in the zombie apocalypse while doing so.

A huge thank you goes out to SpoilerTV for sharing this video.  Here it is if you haven’t had the chance to see it yet:

Here is what Rick Grimes says in the clip to what appears to be Gareth, the leader of Terminus:

“I just hope you understand, we don’t want to hurt you.  I will kill you.”

Then, we see Rick Grimes talking with his son Carl and seemingly reminding him to never get too comfortable and think that everyone is okay.  Here’s what he told his boy:

“No matter what anyone says, or what you think, you are NOT safe.”

Otherwise, we are treated to some pretty nice action sequences.  Included in The Walking Dead’s teaser video are a big explosion, a stunt with a large white bus, and plenty of walkers.

The best thing about this video is that we got to see many of the other characters in the video as well.  Aside from Rick, Carl, and Gareth, there were quite a few others that were seen.  While some are only seen for a very short time, there are longer scenes in the video devoted to Michonne, Tyreese, and Daryl.

All of these little teasers are great for gaining traction heading into the season 5 premiere of The Walking Dead this October 12th on AMC.  Don’t miss it!

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