Top 5 Characters That Died Too Soon On The Walking Dead

1. Dale Horvath

Dale was easily one of the better characters in the first 2 seasons. He was the Hershel before Hershel. I guess there can only be one old wise man at a time, but his death was way to soon.


2. Merle Dixon

I understand Merle had to die to further the story, but there is definitely some story unexplored between the Dixon brothers. He wasn’t in the comic either, so they could create some very interesting story lines.


3. Shane Walsh

If  your a fan of the comic you know that Shane should of went a lot sooner, but the tv version was a way better character. Think how interesting it would of been to have the Rick and Shane dynamic in the prison.


4. Lori Grimes

Lori should not have died in childbirth. This is a perfect example of something they should not of changed from the comic. There was definitely some story left in her character.


5.   Hershel Greene

I know that his time had come. I know that Hershel had to die in order to further the story, but he was such an amazing character. Scott Wilson brought a level of class and wisdom to the show that no other character brought. He will be missed.


Whats your top 5 characters that died too soon?