The Walking Dead: 50 Most Shocking Moments and Deaths

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The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on television, but it’s also a series that continually shocks fans with moments of intensity and heartbreaking deaths. 


There have been many great shows throughout the course of history, but no show has been able to continually shock, inspire and break the hearts of it’s fans all at the same time like The Walking Dead has.

Throughout its run on AMC, there have been moments on The Walking Dead where great hope has been teased and hinted at, only to be met with soul crushing devastation. In that same vein, there have been times where the worst looks like it’s ahead, only to have things get cancelled out in heroic fashion.

It’s not easy to sort out the most memorable moments in the history of The Walking Dead, but there have been more than a handful of shocking moments throughout the show’s run. The Walking Dead could end up lasting years, which means we have plenty of shocking moments ahead of us.

Our team of “Dead Heads” (get it?) teamed up take a look at the 50 most shocking moments and deaths that The Walking Dead has unleashed on the world. Enjoy and please let us know where you think each moment should be ranked, or what moments we missed, in the comments.

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