When Is Talking Dead on Tonight?

Talking Dead has been following The Walking Dead ever since season 2 of the hit zombie show has aired on AMC.  But for one night only, the recap talk show will be on at a later time.

Talking Dead will air at 11:15 PM EST following the series premiere of Better Call Saul.

In an effort to draw an audience to the new Breaking Bad spinoff show, Better Call Saul will take the prime spot following the most popular show on television to help give it a ratings boost and hopefully introduce new viewers.  Better Call Saul is a prequel to Breaking Bad that follows the exploits of Saul Goodman, an ace attorney that would later represent Walter White.

That will push Talking Dead back to the 11:15 PM time slot for Sunday, February 8th.  It will recap and discuss the events from season 5 episode 9 of The Walking Dead, titled What Happened And What’s Going On?.  Comically, Talking Dead will also answer those questions during their broadcast.

This episode of Talking Dead will feature The Walking Dead’s special effects guru Greg Nicotero, actor Ron Perlman (best known for his role on Hellboy) and a surprise cast member from The Walking Dead.  Sometimes, when there’s a mystery cast member, that means either a character was placed in a terrible position on the show or they could have even passed away.

If you don’t have any interest in Better Call Saul, you could always check out TheStream.tv‘s The Walking Dead after show to get even more discussion about The Walking Dead before you tune in to Talking Dead at 11:15.