Walking Dead Casting Call: Searching for Kirk and Hilda… Dwight and Sherry?

The Walking Dead is holding a casting call and are looking to fill the roles of Kirk and Hilda. 


Another casting call for the Walking Dead has been put out for a couple of new characters that will be appearing and will be a recurring guest star. Here are the descriptions of the roles from the Spoiling Dead:


[KIRK] Male, Mid 20s to 30. Just a couple years ago, he was a young, blue collar everyman from a small town, who worked a job, was married, and followed the golden rule. He’s avoided being cynical and bottom line minded — but the world seems to keep telling him to look out for number one and eliminate anyone in his way… RECURRING GUEST STAR W/ SERIES OPTION FOR SUBSEQUENT SEASONS (MUST BE AVAILABLE 6/19-6/30 & 10/16-11/19)

[HILDA] Female, Mid 20s to 30, Attractive, Kirk’s wife, she’s a real partner to him. She’s a strong woman, not passive or wilting…. RECURRING GUEST STAR

Most comic fans will disregard the character names that are given on these casting calls, since usually they are just names that are given out that could easily change when they are shown on the show. Many of the fans are wondering if these two characters will be Dwight and Sherry from the comics. It seems a bit early for them to make their appearance, but we never know if Robert Kirkman wants to reveal some people early and build on their character a little bit more.

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