The Walking Dead: My Walker Awards

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Walkers - The Walking Dead - Gene Page/AMC

Walkers – The Walking Dead – Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead has had a wide variety of walkers over the past 5 seasons. Some we’ve known before they turned. Some we met after they turned and some we just had a passing acquaintance with while they were in a herd or when they interacted with one of our survivors.

The walkers are the reason the survivors are surviving. Something has infected everyone and when they die or if they are bitten by another infected one and then die, they turn into a body without the person inside anymore.

That body needs food. Blood, skin, organs. Something living. And it needs constant replenishment. These bodies can be injured in ways that their former living selves could not survive and they will still keep searching for more food.

Over the seasons some of the walkers have been better fed than others. Some have found themselves injured in various ways that have altered their former selves and some have found themselves stationery and immobilized by nature or other circumstances but still able to grasp and moan for food.

The walkers are as mysterious as their origin. They are as ugly as their needs and as beautiful as the souls of those who formerly resided in their bodies.

Killing walkers is killing a vehicle. The person is gone. But the fact that the walker still looks like a person, and often a person we once loved, makes the killing difficult at first and for many of the survivors. The walkers must be killed. They are dangerous. But they don’t mean to be so. Like a rabid dog.

Throughout the 6 seasons (5 +seasons) there have been many memorable walkers and walker kills. Walk down walker memory lane with me as I give out some Walker Awards to some great biters and roamers and leaners and swimmers.

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