Songs from my favorite musicals for characters from The Walking Dead

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Walking Dead: The Musical

Walkers in Alexandria. The Walking Dead. AMC

Walkers in Alexandria. The Walking Dead. AMC

Can you imagine The Walking Dead as a musical? I’ve chosen some songs from my favorite musicals and matched them up with characters from The Walking Dead.

Of course, The Walking Dead as a musical is silly, but I had fun choosing songs that matched the characters and the storyline from The Walking Dead that make you look at the song and subsequently the character in a new and different way.

For fans of The Walking Dead,  this sort of thing happens to us all the time. Everywhere we go,  things always come back to The Walking Dead!  We can be at a movie or in the mall or at the grocery store, it doesn’t matter where, something will trigger a The Walking Dead memory. A character will be named Lizzie or we will see chocolate pudding, or an actor will show up on an old episode of House.



Last Thursday,  I watched The Wiz Live on NBC and it happened again. I’ve seen The Wiz  done by the students at the school where I taught, I saw the movie with Diana Ross and Michael Jackson in the theater, I saw the play with my 7th grade class at The Shubert Theater in Chicago in 1976 and I played the album to death in college. I love the play.

But this time, I had thoughts of The Walking Dead characters when I heard songs. Can you believe it? You probably can! So I took it a step further and decided to check out other songs from some of my other favorite musicals and see if I could match up some of the songs with characters in a new and different way.

So let’s start with The Wiz!

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