Michonne doesn’t hold back in Season 10 of The Walking Dead

From the moment we first met her, Michonne was portrayed as a strategic warrior who would do whatever it takes to keep herself and her friends safe. The Walking Dead season 10, being Danai Gurira’s last season, puts Michonne at the front, without backing down to Alpha and the Whisperers.

In season 3 of The Walking Dead, Michonne was a mysterious character. She was wise yet appeared to be dangerous to our group, at first, until she came out of her shell. Michonne then went on to become a fan favorite and a vital role within The Walking Dead universe. She even roamed the undead world, with her two walker pets, again, conveying the intelligent mind of this character.

Fast forward 6 years and 10+ years on the show, season 9 showed fans the loving side and the leader Michonne has become. In the back half especially though, it was shown very clearly that Michonne was still her badass self. Furthermore, the wonderful and talented actress Danai Gurira and her phenomenal performance in 914, flew the show to a whole new place, emotionally.

Michonne, having gone through heartbreak and sadness throughout her time in this undead world, left off season 9 with the instinct to keep her friends that she has left safe and even more so, her two children, Judith and RJ. Season 9 was a pretty big season for this character, having losing Rick and experiencing the terrors of reuniting with an old friend who turned out to be someone Michonne did not expect, she was thrown into the deep end.

AMC released Michonne’s Season 10 full character bio:

Michonne continues to be the strong strategic thinker she has been since before the post-apocalyptic world. Her pendulum has swung from staunchly independent to a pessimistic protector to having faith in humanity, but always squarely grounded in what is for the greater good and safety of her family and the communities. Michonne innately knows Alpha has all the power and that they must abide by her rules, for now, because revenge will get everyone killed. Michonne wants to dismantle Alpha’s power. She is teaching Judith how to strategically attack an enemy. She must equip her daughter and her son for their future in this dead world.

Having read the bio and knowing what this character is capable of, it’s certainly safe to say that Alpha, Beta and their group of Whisperers don’t stand a chance against this fearless warrior. It’s time for Michonne to silence the whispers!

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The Walking Dead returns October 6th.

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