The Walking Dead ratings rise with ‘Walk With Us’

The Walking Dead saw a huge rise in the live ratings on Sunday night after phenomenal episodes week after week and the death of the villainous Alpha.

Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead pulled in 3.5 million live viewers with a 1.23 in the 18-49 key demo. That is an increase of over half a million viewers from season 10 episode 11, which had a dip to 2.9 million viewers and a 0.92 in the 18-49 key demo. This is a very big gain for The Walking Dead from the previous week and it is great to see the ratings improving and remaining steady.

Of course throughout the season ratings have been around similar numbers but it is important to point out that this rise is huge for an episode to episode change. In fact season 10 has probably seen one of the most steady ratings for a while as the ratings drop tend to be less to what they were in prior season on an episode to episode basis.

It is unclear if the ratings rise is due to the increase in self isolation, in retaliation to the global Coronavirus outbreak, or if it is because of the fantastic direction the show is taking with phenomenal episodes week after week. The show’s tenth season is currently rated 92% on Rotten Tomatoes making it the highest rated season to date.

Here are all the live ratings of the season so far:

Episode 1001: 4 million

Episode 1002: 3.47 million

Episode 1003: 3.48 million

Episode 1004: 3.31 million

Episode 1005: 3.09 million

Episode 1006: 3.21 million

Episode 1007: 3.31 million

Episode 1008: 3.21 million

Episode 1009: 3.52 million

Episode 1010: 3.16 million

Episode 1011: 2.93 million

Episode 1012: 3.5 million

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The ratings have stayed steady throughout but there was a clear gain and in fact the biggest episode to episode gain of the season so far, with episode 12. It is also important to note that with delayed viewing, the ratings also increase by about 2 million viewers. Let’s hope that people are giving the show another chance because it is better than ever right now.


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