5 biggest surprises from The Walking Dead SDCC Panel

The Walking Dead Universe took over Comic Con with big news

The Walking Dead‘s virtual Comic-Con at Home panel brought along a lot of surprises for fans all across the world, who tuned in to see the cast and creators break down what’s to come in the season 10 finale, which now has a confirmed air date of October 4th.

Lets break down the 5 biggest surprises from 2020’s TWD panel.

5. Beta’s horde

Everyone knew that Alpha and Beta’s horde was pretty huge but that did not prepare everyone for the short clip in the new extended opening minutes scene, showing what seems to be the biggest horde we have ever seen in not just the main show but the universe as a whole.

Season 10 episode 15 left off with the group being surrounded by walkers after Beta led them straight to where the survivors were holding up. At the time of the episode, it was not entirely clear how many walkers Beta was leading to the group, so the shot from the new sneak peek definitely had fans talking during the panel.

4. Lauren Cohan’s return

Although fans knew that Lauren Cohan would be in the panel this year, it was still a nice surprise to see her again after so long. It was also teased that Maggie will have a big role in Season 11, which is exciting to hear.

Maggie was last on the show in Season 9 and she has been sending letters to the group ever since, after she left to join Georgie. Now that Jesus, Tara, Enid and many others have died at the hands of Alpha since Maggie departed, her home has been burnt down and Negan is roaming Alexandria, it will be very interesting to see how Maggie reacts to the big changes that have took place since she left.

3. Scott Gimple’s teases the future

Most fans of The Walking Dead would know that Scott Gimple oversees all TWD content, including all 3 shows and the Rick Grimes movie. During the panel, Gimple teased that we will be seeing more Walking Dead content of characters we already know but from the beginning of the apocalypse. The possibilities with this are endless.

He even jokingly teased a Glenn prequel series, which I’m sure fans would seriously love. There are numerous characters who would have interesting backstories so fans should get excited to see some old faces back in the TWD Universe again.

2. The Walking Dead’s return date

We have all been waiting patiently for the news of when we will finally be able to watch The Walking Dead season 10 episode 16 and now we know that this will be on October 4th.

The date was actually a surprise to a lot of fans, as by the clip that was released, it seems as if most if not all post production has been completed on the episode, so some fans were upset that the date was pushed back to October. However, it seems like AMC have decided to air the finale before the series premiere of TWD World Beyond on the same night, so that fans of the flagship series are likely to then immediately be able to watch the new show.

Although we do have to wait quite some time until we see new TWD content, just get ready for a stacked fall and 2021.

1. Season 10’s extension

The biggest surprise of the whole panel was arguably the huge news that Angela Kang, showrunner of The Walking Dead, dropped, which was the news of an extended season 10. That’s right, 6 additional episodes will air in early 2021. This are just ”extra” episodes and the finale will still be the finale and season 11 will still be season 11.

Who knows what these episodes could be about. Could they be about what happened during the time jump? Could they be about where Maggie was this whole time? We will just have to wait and see. Whatever they will be about, it is very exciting to have 6 additional episodes of the show to look forward to.