The Walking Dead: What a Daryl and Carol spin-off would look like

The Walking Dead will end in 2022 but a Daryl and Carol spin-off will follow

News dropped today that AMC’s global phenomenon, The Walking Dead, will conclude in 2022 with a massive 24 episode, 2 year season. The news is not as bad as it seems though as AMC have announces 2 new shows following the end of the flagship.

The Walking Dead’s fan favorites, Daryl and Carol will be getting their own show, which fans should get really excited for. As we know after watching these two legendary characters for 10 years, the show itself is going to be great television. Daryl and Carol have been fan favorites ever since the very first season aired on 2010. Over the years, both characters have proven their zombie survival capabilities to be pretty amazing. These characters have been through it all and seeing them go through even more stories, within this world, will be a treat for fans.

What could a Daryl and Carol spin off actually look like? This spin off will still have that TWD feel to it because of Daryl and Carol, which really softens the blow of the news that the flagship series will be ending.

The two survivors have great chemistry on screen and it would be a safe bet that they will go elsewhere in the world of TWD, opening up new landscapes, epic adventures and thrilling new stories to come.

One huge story that could come of this spin off is the potential of Caryl possibly happening. More information is to be revealed about this new series closer to the date as it is still 3 years away. Who knows if other characters will join the two or if it will just be a duo adventure.

The Walking Dead returns for the season 10 finale on October 4th. The show will wrap up in 2022 and the new spin off will come in 2023.

What are your theories on the Daryl and Carol spin off? Let us know.