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The Walking Dead: What If Michonne Was Traded To The Governor?

This is the first in our “What If” series of Walking Dead articles.  This one focuses on Michonne and the decision on whether or not to hand her over to the Governor in turn for promise of safety.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that could be different:

Michonne would be dead

  • While Michonne is a bad ass, she’s not bad ass enough to survive being handed over to the Governor for execution.  After what happened to his eye, you know that the Governor would give her an extremely painful and agonizing death.  Or, he may even do like he did with Merle and leave him as a walker reminder for Rick and the rest of the gang.

Carl might not be mentally stable enough after the prison was demolished

  • Michonne acted as a counselor for Carl at many times after the prison was infiltrated.  Carl dealt with attempted rape, protecting his beat down father, and a deadly encounter when trying to get a family photo from the diner.  Without Michonne, Carl may be either dead, severely injured or quite possibly insane.
Michonne with a katana from The Walking Dead

Michonne with a katana from The Walking Dead

Rick would have to be a better father

  • We already know that Carl had a mother that was pretty useless, but when Rick was trying to get himself together he couldn’t be there for him either.  Rick stepping up as a dad could make him a better protector and maybe could have snapped him back into shape mentally.

There may have been more losses of life at the prison

  • With Michonne being the one that finished off The Governor at the prison, the question arises as to who that person would be now.  After the brutal fight with Rick, The Governor could have had enough strength to finish off Rick or maybe more of the other main characters before they were able to be taken out.

What other kind of issues would have happened if Michonne was handed over to The Governor in turn for safety?  We all knew from watching the show that even if Michonne was handed over that the prison was going to be assaulted anyway.  Let me know in the comments anything I may have overlooked.

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