The Walking Dead Stars Tell How They'd Like To Be Killed Off

If I have written it one, I’ve written it one hundred times: Anything can happen on The Walking Dead.  Don’t think that the cast and crew of the show don’t know this either.  At any time during any episode, a character could meed their doom.  Very few shows offer the kind of unexpectedness that The Walking Dead does.

Since that threat is always out there, Entertainment Weekly shared how several of the main characters wanted their characters to die if they ever did meet their demise.  Here’s how some of my favorite answers from the article.

Tyreese (Chad Coleman)

Tyreese with a hammer

“Oh, wow. It would have to be something that’s never been done before. I think we’d have to come up with something incredibly memorable. I mean, I know I would want it to be heroic. Everybody wants to go out saving some lives. Sacrificing myself, you know, for the others would probably be the most compelling way to me. One of those, “Everybody go! Just go!” [Laughs] And if I didn’t do it, a lot of people would’ve died. So you know, something like that, I think.”

Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan)

Maggie Greene

Maggie Greene

“Maggie and Glenn are running through a forest, and there’s a horde behind them, and there’s nowhere else to go. It’s just a cliff at the end, and they hold hands and they jump off the cliff and they scream at the end, and they scream all the way down. And it freeze-frames with them, with their arms up in the air just going, “Waaaaaaaaaaaaait!”’

Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes)

TWD-416-Rick-560-325x200[1]“I’ve always said, I don’t care how it goes, but maybe a kid should take me out. It’s funny, because I was in the car yesterday, and I texted Scott Gimple and I said, “Promise me, when I die, on the credits sequence, you play Johnny Cash’s version of ‘Hurt.’” And he just said, “I can’t make that promise obviously.” So when I die, please print it in your magazine so that the fans will know to play it, even if we can’t. Even if Scott Gimple decides not to, please everybody play “Hurt.”’

For the rest of the responses Entertainment Weekly got from stars on The Walking Dead, check out their article HERE.

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