Here is what happened on this week's episode of The Walking Dead, titled "Us&q..."/> Here is what happened on this week's episode of The Walking Dead, titled "Us&q..."/>

The Walking Dead: “Us” – Recap Of Season 4: Episode 15


Here is what happened on this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, titled “Us”:

The group of Glenn, Tara, Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene kept following the train tracks in the direction of Terminus.  Eugene is being his socially awkward self, talking about dinosaurs, games, and other nerdy stuff.  While the rest of the group is resting, Tara and Abraham are keeping watch when Abraham tells Tara that he knows about the platonic relationship between her and Glenn because of her reaction to looking down Rosita’s shirt.  The next morning, the group keeps moving down the tracks and sees another of the bloody signs that Maggie has been leaving for Glenn.

The opening credits play and we see Carl and Michonne playing a game on the train tracks to see which one could walk the farthest on a rail without falling off.  After a bit of tomfoolery, Carl wins the game and gets to choose a candy bar from Michonne’s stash.  Rick laughs.

Glenn and Tara’s group came across a place to rest, but Glenn didn’t want to stop.  He wanted to continue moving toward his wife, Sasha and Bob.  During the disagreement, a walker falls from above them and nearly lands on Eugene.  Abraham had to shove Eugene out of the way, and he collided with Tara.  Tara fell back and messed up her knee a bit.  Rosita says that Glenn is out of line for expecting Tara to follow him on a bad knee, but the group soldiers on after Glenn agrees to give Eugene his riot gear from the prison.

They reach a long train tunnel where it is very dark and sounds of walkers can be heard from inside.  A sign outside from Maggie tells Glenn to continue through, but Abraham and his soldiers think it is too dangerous and decide to go around the tunnel while Glenn and Tara head straight in after Abraham gives them a flashlight and some food.

Abraham’s group take a nearby vehicle and set out on the road.  Rosita and Eugene argue over who will navigate, with Eugene eventually taking the map while Rosita drove and Abraham rested in the back.  After multiple left turns and quite a bit of driving, the group ends up on the other side of the tunnel.  This was no accident because Eugene led them there by his navigation.  The group sees some people coming out of the tunnel.

Meanwhile, things aren’t going so well for Tara and Glenn.  They came across a collapse in the roof in the tunnel with multiple walkers trapped underneath and a swarm of walkers on the other side.  After Glenn looked at the walkers faces to make sure none of them are Maggie, they come up with a plan.  They use the flashlight to distract the group of walkers while they attempt to move by them on the side.  This plan backfires, as a large piece of rubble fell on Tara’s leg and trapped her.

Instead of moving on to find Maggie as Tara suggested, Glenn stays back and tries to fight off the walkers, but is outnumbered.  He empties his gun and is left with many of the bloodthirsty walkers moving toward him.

Suddenly, the tunnel fills with light as the vehicle belonging to Abraham’s group pulls up to Glenn and Tara.  Multiple figures stand in front of the lights, firing their weapons off and dropping all the walkers threatening the two trapped people.  The figures turn out to be Abraham’s group with Bob, Sasha, and Maggie.

Maggie and Glenn embrace and Eugene decides to have Abraham’s group travel to Terminus with Glenn’s group.  The two groups rest up before heading out.  Maggie sees the photograph that Glenn took of her from the prison and tries to burn it.  Glenn snatches it away and says it’s his only picture of her and he wants to keep it.  Maggie tells him that he doesn’t need it anymore because they’ll always be together.

Daryl’s group is then made the focus.  The group was awakened by a walker at a campsite.  Len and Daryl are out in the woods hunting.  Len shoots an arrow into a rabbit just a split second before Daryl’s arrow hits it.  Len says the rabbit is his because he “claimed” it by shooting it first.  The argument gets heated, and the group leader Joe breaks it up and explains the system of claiming before splitting the rabbit in two and giving half to each Len and Daryl.

The group moves on and finds an auto shop or garage or something to spend the night in.  The guys in the group claim all the cars and comfortable spots.  That leaves Daryl sleeping on the floor.

Daryl wakes up with Len in his face.  He’s accusing Daryl of stealing his half of the rabbit from the earlier hunt.  Daryl, of course, denies this.  He empties out his bag and Len’s half of the rabbit comes out.  Daryl claims that Len set him up.  Len says that Daryl stole from him and then lied about it.

Joe steps up and tells his group to give Len a beat down.  He explains that he saw him plant the rabbit in the bag and that kind of behavior is bad for the group.  He then tells the men beating down Len not to forget the head when brutally assaulting him.  The group left the garage later and Len’s body was found dead outside.  Daryl seemed to want to cover his body in a blanket, but then decided not to and put it back in his bag.

Joe and the group keep moving down the train tracks when Joe talks to Daryl about what they are doing.  They explain that they stopped at a house for a rest and a man hid under the bed, killed one of their men and left him to turn against them.  They have tracked him to the train tracks where they saw the signs for Terminus and figured he was going there.  One member of the group named Tony had seen the man’s face, and they are now out for revenge on him.

They keep walking and pass the candy bar wrapper that Carl won from the game on the railroad tracks.

They switch back to Glenn and Abraham’s group.  They had reached Terminus.  It is a large facility with many fences.  They find lots of gardens full of flowers and vegetables.  They also came across Mary, a woman who is doing some cooking and tells them to clean up and that she would make some food for them.