Who lives to fight on the Season 4 finale of ‘The Walking Dead’


Tonight’s the night, it’s not gonna be alright to steal a little from Rod Stewart. If you take a few moments to do a web search about tonight’s episode you can’t help but get the feeling we may see some sort of “Mad Rick: Beyond Walkerdome” played out. ‘The Walking Dead’ creator Robert Kirkman tells Entertainment Weekly that the season finale will “shock people.” Now keep in mind that this is the show where us viewers have gotten to the point where when we see a Walker’s head get chopped off or bashed in by a character’s boot, we just yawn, so the show runners will need to bring their shock moment A-game.

Who will live on to fight another day after tonight’s episode? Let’s go to the players:

Bob –  Poor guy. Can’t help but think he’s the red-shirted security officer on the Enterprise away team here. So far he hasn’t really contributed much besides getting Beth’s boyfriend killed, knowing his way around a bottle of booze and for a former army medic we sure haven’t seen too many healing moments from him. Might want to rush to the Terminus chaplain ASAP Bob.

Sasha – She may regret not sticking to her guns and pitching camp in that factory building right before she re-hooked up with Maggie. Hopefully she’ll at least get to see Tyreese before she meets her demise IF she meets her demise. Also if there’s going to be a Lloyd Dobler/Diane Court moment between her and Bob, they better get a move on.

Maggie – Enough has happened to her and her family. I sure hope Maggie doesn’t buy another farm tonight, but that burning of her photo last week doesn’t bode well. It’s not like Glenn can just run to Photobucket for another one. I could see the powers that be dispatching her and then re-introducing Beth into the mix for her just to find out she’s the only one left in her family. Sad.

Glenn – He might want to get that riot gear back from Eugene. Maybe any tragic sum to the photo burning equation will be Glenn and Herschel reuniting in that sweet bye and bye. Thanks Maggie for ruining that Kodak moment and possibly setting some tragic events in motion.

Tara – Poor girl has a nice little hitch in her step thanks to Abraham boxing her out like Shaq in the NBA Finals to avoid a Walker attack from the sky. In short, she’s not out-running anybody. She can’t count on Eugene helping her out since she told Mr. Mullet that “she likes girls.”

Eugene – Speaking of the Mulleted Mensa Member who fantasizes of Walker-dinos, it’s hard to believe that the show writers would send him to that great Lynyrd Skynyrd concert in the sky. After all he needs to get to D.C. to save the world.

Rosita – We don’t know a lot about her other then she fancies herself a navigator, hasn’t got a problem with setting Glenn straight and has hypnotic powers over Eugene, Abraham and Tara. Unfortunately I put her in my goner top 4.

Abraham – If someone is going to get him in this episode, you’d think they’d have to work pretty hard to take down our handlebar mustached ginger. He’s on a mission to get Eugene to Washington D.C. to save the world and he’s got a keg of whoop-ass for anyone that gets in his way. I’d be very surprised if he goes down.

Daryl – Will he “claim” survival tonight? I’m hoping he puts that knife or crossbow to good use on his new entourage tonight. Someone needs to put down Joe and Co. before they get to act out their “reckoning” on Rick.

Beth – We may not even see her in tonight’s episode so she may be alright. That’s considering whoever it was in the Funeralmobile hasn’t already ended her moonshine-drinkin’ days.

Carol – She may end up having a Terminus resident or one of Daryl’s new buddies telling her to look at the flowers. I could also  see the writers making her pay for taking out Karen and David but then again that would take away the Carol/Tyreese tension plotline so she has that going for her.

Tyreese – I’m personally hoping for a Tyreese/Sasha reunion so if he does go down I hope it’s not until after that. One reason that the group should hope he doesn’t go down is he does provide some muscle. Plus he’s good at carrying Judith.

Judith – She better make it. I’d hope Scott M. Gimple and the gang don’t go there.  Her being united again with Rick and Carl is the reunion I hope for the most.

Michonne – Hopefully that half of the Big Cat candy bar last week wasn’t her last meal. I’ve enjoyed the dynamic between her and Carl and am glad her character has found some happiness. Plus she’s a fan fav but showrunners don’t always care about that.

Carl – Does the gold medal winner of the rail-walking Olympics make it to eat another 112 ounces of chocolate pudding? There is actually a large number of fans that wouldn’t mind if Rick gets his hat back if you know what I’m saying. This would definitely send Rick into a game-changing rage as we’re hearing whispers about all over Al Gore’s world-wide interweb.

Rick – If he does end up doing something that “irrevocably changes” his character tonight, as Andrew Lincoln put it, then as far as his survival, I think this bodes well for Mr. Grimes. If he’s the one doing the killing then someone else has to be doing the dying, but you never know. In the end though I seriously doubt Carl and Judith we’ll be orphaned.