Walking Dead Season 4 Finale Recap


Walking Dead Season 4 Finale Recap – Here is what happened in case you missed it:

(flash forward)  Rick sitting on the ground leaning back against a car, blood all over him and looking disturbed

(flashback) The entire gang is at the prison, including Hershel, Beth and many of the other regulars.  They’re talking about how farming and and relative non-violence can be the answer to the problems in this world.  Hershel continued to lecture Rick about it and tell him to raise Carl right.

(present time) Rick, Carl and Michonne are in the woods.  They are learning how to snare animals to get food in the wild.  A man called out for help from an opening and Carl ran to help him.  In a gory death, the man’s face and eyes get bitten off his face and the crew run from the swarm of walkers.

(flashback) Hershel waking up Rick.  Rick asked him what time it is and Hershel replied that he didn’t know because he gave Glenn his pocketwatch.

(present time) Rick’s crew hack and stab their way to the road, where there is a car parked and they seemed safe from the walkers, but not “The Claimers”.  They followed Rick’s group all the way to the opening and wanted revenge for his murder of their gang member.

Joe (the leader of “The Claimers) hold a gun to Rick’s head and immobilize Michonne.  Bob from “The Claimers” takes Carl out of the car.  Daryl emerges from the shadows and stops Joe mid-monologue.  He says that they’re “good people” and they need to let them go.

Joe disagrees and orders a beatdown until death on Daryl.  He also orders that Michonne and Carl be raped while Rick watches, and then he would kill Rick.  Needless to say, this did not please Rick.  He watched Bob fight Carl to the ground and start to undo his pants.  That was when Rick snapped.

With a sudden move, he forced Joe to fire his weapon mere inches from his head.  He then wrestled with Joe a bit before he took a large bite of out Joe’s neck. Blood flew all over Rick and Joe.  Rick dispatches of the entire crew, including multiple stabs to Bob.

Then, they show Michonne and Carl in the car while Daryl and Rick are talking outside.  Rick confesses that Daryl is his brother, and that’s how this group is.  Carl and Michonne talk about what happened with her son as a way to calm down Carl, who still has a look of insane fear on his face.

The group decided to enter Terminus from the side rather than enter through the front gate.  The team splits up and watches for a while.  Michonne and Carl talk for a bit about how Carl doesn’t need to be afraid of what his dad or Michonne do.  Carl confesses that he feels like a monster.  Michonne hugs him and tells him more about her son’s death and the walkers she used to lead her around last season.  The crew meets back up and they bury their weapons a little ways outside the grounds and jump the fence into Terminus.

Rick’s group entered Terminus with their weapons drawn and being very cautious.  They looked around for a bit before entering a warehouse like room where a woman was making the radio announcements for Terminus were heard in the car earlier in the season along with several other people that seemed to be working on…something.

A man named Gareth introduced himself to the group and told them they were safe here.  The group got frisked and got their weapons checked before they were led out of the warehouse on a guided tour.  The bad part is that their tour guide had the watch that Hershel gave Glenn back at the prison.  Another resident had on a poncho Maggie was wearing and one more had on the riot gear that Glenn was wearing.

This put Rick’s group on high alert.  What seemed like a gunfight broke out, only the residents of Terminus were not shooting to kill.  They led Ricks group through the complex.  They were led along a path that had “A” markings all along it until they reached a dead-end near a bunch of train cars.

What seemed like an army from Terminus popped out of the woods from the other side of the fence.  Ricks group were forced to line up and enter a train car.  Gareth gave them nicknames.  Rick was “The Ringleader”, Daryl was “The Archer”, Michonne was “The Samuri” and Carl “The Kid”.

The group entered the train car and the door slid shut, seemingly locking.  Inside the car were many of the other survivors.  Here is a list of the people that were shown inside the car:

  • Rick
  • Carl
  • Daryl
  • Michonne
  • Glenn
  • Maggie
  • Bob
  • Sasha
  • Eugene
  • Abraham
  • Rosita
  • Tara

Rick just stands there looking mad.  He says that they picked the wrong group to mess with.

And the credits roll for the finale of season 4.