Walking Dead Season 6 Is Already Being Written


Since filming starts on the season 5 of The Walking Dead soon, you’d have to assume that the script for it is either complete or nearly done.  What is a surprise though, is that the they already have been working on season 6.

The team has been writing since January for the new season, and are looking to make season 5 the best one yet.  You can tell that the team that writes this show loves it and wants to tell the story of these survivors in an interesting, yet fan friendly way.

Yahoo TV caught up with Scott Gimple and got some info about the upcoming episodes and here are some highlights from the conversation:

How long into the new season will we kind of find out what their overall plan is?

"Extremely, extremely quickly. Yeah. I mean, the storyline, that was always the plan. There are kind of plans… whereas we have a pretty good handle on Season 5, we have a fairly good handle on Season 6, too. It’s not a great deal of detail for Season 6, but a lot of general stuff for Season 6 is known. And that was the same deal with Season 4 for Season 5. So as far as Terminus goes, we wanted to get right to a lot of the answers pretty quickly. But I think savvy audience members would know that, too, because it would be bananas to make people wait seven months and then be like, “Hey, hold on another couple episodes.” I don’t think I’m being shocking by saying that."

Rick and his fellow railcar hostages were happy to see each other when they reunited in the railroad car, but they didn’t hug each other. They weren’t particularly excited. Obviously, they have pressing concerns on their minds, but is this also an indication that, after so much time spent apart, it’s going to be a little challenging for them to gel again as a group?

"I think that’s a really good observation. I think they absolutely, for the most part, will be able to gel, I guess in a direct way, fairly easily, especially in the circumstances that they’re in, whenever, or if, they can take a breath. But when this all clears, if it clears, the different experiences they had while they were apart… Maggie and Glenn, their experience was incredibly positive. If you look at Rick’s, it was sort of in the middle. If they ever see Carol again, she had a very different experience, and they’ll be carrying their experiences into the next season. And absolutely there will be a little difficulty in understanding each other’s places. Right now, all of them except for a few are very much in the same boat. Or railcar. We’ll see what happens if they ever wind up being able to take a breath."

October seems a little far away to be doing so much speculating, but that’s all we have until the season 5 premier.