Andrew Lincoln Dishes On Season 5 Of The Walking Dead


Recently, Andrew Lincoln sat down with The Hollywood Reporter for an interview about what is in store for his character Rick Grimes during season 5 of The Walking Dead.

If you remember, Rick and the gang were left in a sticky situation and fans were left in the dark about what the future holds for them.  After several traumatic events occurred that led them to Terminus, an enraged and motivated Rick seems eager to turn things around for the group.

Here’s what Andrew Lincoln had to say about it:

"“We’re trapped by these guys, and I imagine it’ll get pretty messy. Frankly, there’s nothing I like more than playing crazy badass Rick Grimes — and he is pissed at the moment. I don’t know what Scott has planned, but I’ve been texting other cast members, and we should improvise a few scenes because these kids — we call those who live at Terminus the Termites — are going to get it!”"

Lincoln was then asked how much darker things can get for Rick and the Grimes family:

"“None more dark than we’ve just seen. We’ve had these ridiculously grand and Greek tragedy kind of moments in our show — the death of Lori, Sophia coming out of the barn and having to be put down — and you think, ‘No way can we buy this.’ That’s been the scale of the writing on the show; they find a way to make it justified. When I bit Joe’s throat, it made sense to me when I did it. It may not have made sense on the page, but the intention of it was telling everybody that he’s like a wolf; he’s so primal. It was so guttural and animalistic.”"

Honestly, things can’t get much darker for Rick and Carl.  They are separated from Judith, Carl had to shoot his mom in the head, and Rick doesn’t know if Judith is really his baby.  When you add in what happened with Joe’s group “The Claimers”, it takes a really dark turn that could be mentally exhausting and could make lesser folks opt for the easy way out.

We have to wait for October to find out what the writers have in store for us.  And October seems so far away right now.