Chandler Riggs Talks About Neck Biting Scene


The neck biting scene from season 4 of The Walking Dead is something that is hard to forget.  It signaled the moment that Rick Grimes flipped the switch from prey to predator.  It showed that he was willing to do whatever it takes to protect his son Carl.

But what we forget sometimes is that this a television show.  Chandler Riggs is a 14 year old boy who got to experience the scene first hand.  Not only that, but he didn’t get to see a lot of it for a reason that is mind blowing to a kid his age.

Here’s what Chandler Riggs had to say about that scene:

"“That was interesting to watch. I had a guy on top of me at the time so I didn’t really get to see the whole thing. But I got to see the tail end of it and it was pretty cool.”"

Let’s recap this a minute.  Riggs didn’t get to watch a lot of the scene because he had a large man on top of him that was pretending to attempt to sexually assault him.  But what he did get to see is the bite of a man’s neck, which is pretty ultra-violent.  Not only that, but he had to remember lines that he just learned about an hour prior to the scene.  So, he was getting grinded on by a man and trying to see a vicious neck bite, and trying to remember lines he learned just minutes prior to filming.

"“It was funny because that entire episode I was used to not having that many lines and just learning them on the set. While I was getting wired that day, I pulled out my sides and realized I had two and a half pages of lines to memorize- in about an hour. That was really interesting. But I was able to charge my way through that and get it done.”"

This scene made for an unforgettable watching experience for fans of The Walking Dead, but let’s hope it doesn’t create a lifetime of nightmares for Chandler Riggs.