Sharbino & Rooker Shine At Minneapolis Comic Con


As you may know from my previous posts about Wizard World Minneapolis Comic Con, I was very excited about meeting two big stars of The Walking Dead, Michael Rooker and Brighton Sharbino.

Initially, there were others scheduled to attend the convention.  Jon Bernthal, who played a former police officer named Shane Walsh, had to cancel due to obligations to filming another project.  Laurie Holden may not have had a super popular character on The Walking Dead, but her time as Andrea changed the future of the show a couple seasons ago during the Woodbury incidents.

Luckily, I got to meet Mr. Bernthal at Chicago Comic Con last year.  He was joined by Norman Reedus for the panel and was very, very entertaining and polite.  I was looking forward to seeing him again, but was happy that I already got to meet him.

I was disappointed by Laurie Holden having to cancel.  The reason for her absence was described as “family situation”.  While I was still disappointed that I didn’t get the opportunity to meet her, I understand that family comes first and hope that I will get a chance to speak with her and get a photo with her in the near future.

Although having four folks from The Walking Dead at Minneapolis Comic Con would have been fantastic, I was still ecstatic to see both Merle and Lizzie.

They did not disappoint.  Michael Rooker was not only very entertaining during his question and answer panel, but he was also exceptionally polite to my nephew (who was dressed up as Carl Grimes) and offered him a high five as we exited.

That’s not to dismiss how nice Brighton Sharbino was.  For such a small, young girl, she has quite a sense of humor and very good manners.  The funny part of meeting her is that my nephew is still a bit too young to watch The Walking Dead, so he didn’t know what to expect.  He definitely didn’t expect to see a young girl approximately his age.  You can see him blushing a bit in the photo we had taken with them.

Speaking of the photo, here it is:

Meeting Brighton Sharbino and Michael Rooker was one of my major highlights of Minneapolis Comic Con.  I highly recommend that if you have to chance to meet either of them, that you should do so.  You will not be disappointed.