Walking Dead Action Figures Are A Lucrative Business


If you’re ever strolling your local store and see some Walking Dead action figures designed by Todd McFarlane on the shelves, I strongly advise you to purchase them immediately.

Personally, I only have Zombie Merle and Carl as my Walking Dead action figures, but I’m always scouring the internet to find more figures to add to my collection.  I didn’t even know these action figures existed until around November of 2013, so I got a very late start.  I figured I could go back and get some of the earlier figures in the collection at cheaper prices than the approximate $15 that they would cost in the stores.

Then I hit Ebay and found out that I couldn’t be more wrong.  Here are some of the crazy prices you could see yourself paying to try to get some of the more popular and rare figures in the collection:

And these are just some examples of the crazy prices that Walking Dead action figures are going for on sites like Ebay and Amazon.  Makes me wish I had really started to collect these and leave them in the box when they first came out.

So, if you see any of these figures (specifically series 1-3) on shelves or at yard sales, don’t hesitate to grab them.  You could have yourself a very fun collectible or turn a pretty good profit from them!