Is Judith The Future Or A Hindrance To The Group?


Most people love babies.  Babies remind people of their youth and provide a way to help your family line move on.  They are hard to raise though, with the crying, pooping and unpredictability.  In a normal household, people can deal with children in a loving, safe environment.  On The Walking Dead, things just aren’t that simple when it comes to baby Judith.



Let’s take a quick look at what is going on with Judith:

  • She is currently being cared for by Carol and Tyreese.  I felt so bad for Tyreese.  Alone with three young girls trying to meet back up with the rest of the group had to be hard.  Crazy Lizzie and meek Mika are bad enough, but then you include an infant in the group and things get even harder.  Carol joining him made things easier, but then Lizzie’s crazy escapades brought things right back to terrible.  If Carol and Tyreese are willing to sacrifice Lizzie for the good of the group, would they be willing to do the same thing to Judith?
  • Rick seems somewhat indifferent about what is happening with Judith.  Don’t get me wrong, it is kind of a Maury situation with who Judith’s father is, but that shouldn’t make Rick care any less about the child.  Instead, we see him barely mentioning her while Carl seems to be the one who is the most concerned about what is happening with his sister.  When Rick is willing to do whatever it takes to protect himself, Michonne, Carl and Daryl but not for a daughter that could be his, I get concerned.
  • Carol and Rick aren’t exactly friends right now.  Rick may have kicked her out of the group after burning Karen and David, but I’d like to think that Carol is a bigger person than to take that kind of grudge out on a child.  Plus, Carol was a mother and knows how it feels to lose a child in this post-apocalyptic world and most likely wouldn’t put Rick through that kind of torture.  Then again, this is The Walking Dead and anything can happen.
  • Having Judith with a group is a huge risk.  At any time, a baby can start crying.  That kind of noise can be like a dinner bell for any surrounding walkers.  It makes every moment of the day a time when you have to grab everything and go.  In the prison, they had a home base where there wasn’t a walker within earshot, but out in the woods that just isn’t the case.  Also, defending yourself from a walker while holding a baby seems like an almost impossible task.

What do you think?   Will we get to watch Judith grow up on The Walking Dead or will she unknowingly bring a demise to several members of the group and herself?  Discuss it in the comments!