“In Harm’s Way” Review: S2E3 Of Telltale Game


Every other month, a new episode of season 2 of The Walking Dead: A Telltale Game is released.  The latest installment was released this week and is titled “In Harm’s Way”.

If you were disappointed with the lack of action and plot devices in earlier episodes, you’ll be pleasantly pleased with “In Harm’s Way”.  In this episode, not only do you have to deal with the group of survivors that have taken you captive, but you have to try to devise a way to escape and prepare for an impending attack from a zombie hoard.

This was the most interesting and fun episode of the season so far and I highly recommend you play it.  If you have played it, continue reading.



“In Harm’s Way” was short.  Like, really short.  I played through it in about an hour and a half.  But don’t let the short length fool you, this episode was worth every penny.

There are some really tough decisions to be made in this chapter.  Deciding whether or not to help Sarah is a big point in the game.  Sarah was already on thin ice for talking while super-villain Carver was trying to address the group and got reprimanded in a big way.

I decided to have Clementine help Sarah, making it look like Sarah did her work, but Clem didn’t do any of hers.  This infuriated Carver, who took out his aggression on the physically disadvantaged Reggie.  What Carver does to Reggie is what really spurs a couple of the survivors from the camp and other captives to escalate their plans for escape.

We saw a few characters added to the group as well.  Bonnie and Jane join the fray during “In Harm’s Way”.  Jane is by far the most intense character I’ve seen so far.  She’s quiet, unless she needs to talk.  But when she does, she means business.  I mean, she shot a man in the crotch and left him to be eaten by walkers.  That’s pretty hardcore no matter how you look at it.

And there’s Rebecca.  She’s getting ever the more pregnant.  And now, with what happened to Carver, it seems like this child will not have any sort of father figure going forward, no matter how crazy that figure may be.  Plus, walking a few miles with a massive baby bump will be very difficult for her.  This could be a major issue in the upcoming episode.

While this episode didn’t advance the plot much, it was nice to see some of the characters from the 400 days prequel.  It also provides the player with some really powerful moments.  Deciding to kill a walker biting a friend’s arm or to chop of the bitten arm is really a tough call to make, especially with the clock ticking down on your decision.

I can’t wait for Episode 4 of Season 2 to come out.  It will be titled “Amid The Ruins”.  Look for it in about 2 months.