Is Terminus A Group Of Survivors Or A Cult?


From what we’ve seen so far on The Walking Dead, Terminus doesn’t seem like a very good place.  Although the folks seemed very friendly at first, it isn’t much of a surprise that they had some other kind of motive behind bringing survivors in to their camp.

Terminus, in essence, is a fantastic idea.  A safe haven with plenty of food and supplies for anyone who dared to venture there is a great concept in theory.  But any survivor who had made it as long as this whole ordeal as gone on would have to know that there would be some kind of catch.

There were a couple things in Terminus that really makes you wonder what is happening there.  Here are three things that really made me think a bit about it.

First, the room with the shrines and candles was perhaps the most disturbing.  The shrines seemed to have the name of a person, at least one item of theirs, and a lit candle.  The walls of the room were covered with messages and warnings.

Secondly was the chain linked area covered by a tarp that had a lot of bones stacked in them.  Are these bones from something cannibalistic or is it from a ritual that they are performing on the bodies of the survivors that they capture?

Lastly, the way they speak and act is very odd.  They are very calm and patient even when having weapons pointed at them on confronted by a group when solo.  Normally, that would be a situation where the individual would be stressed out and very nervous, not be calm and offer them food.

These questions bring up a huge question:  Is Terminus a Cult?

That would make a lot of sense.  As a cult, they would be much stronger as a unit instead of a group of ragtag individuals.  Their belief in a higher power to protect them would explain the calmess, the rituals, and the room full of shrines.

If this is the case, the current survivors that are trapped could be fasting for their sacrifice to whatever this group at Terminus is devoted to.