Chase Vasser Not To Appear On The Walking Dead


Despite earlier reports that former NCAA football player Chase Vasser would be joining the cast of The Walking Dead, it seems as though this will not be happening.

Chase Vasser had been on Twitter talking about how he needed to catch up on The Walking Dead because he had never seen a single episode of the hit television show.  and how he had never played a villain role on a show.

Here are some of the tweets that Chase Vasser sent from his Twitter account that were later deleted:

"“oh snap just got offered my first Vilan role. #sopumped #soblessed. Should I do it?”"

Then he added a tweet that made it sound like

"“It’s official! Tune in on Oct. 13 on AMC for ‘The Walking Dead! #cannibaltwist”"

After deleting those messages, the former University of Georgia linebacker apologized to fans of The Walking Dead in a Tweet he posted

Vasser’s apology was not met with great appreciation from fans of The Walking Dead.  They quickly went on to assume that he was either terminated from the project or is lying to cover up that he actually would be on the show.  Still, he tried to explain the case of the mistaken project to his Twitter followers:

Then we went on to explain his use of hash tags.

While it definitely sounds like Vasser won’t be joining the cast of The Walking Dead, that’s no reason not to enjoy any of his other projects.  Maybe one day we’ll get to see him fighting walkers along side some of the current stars of The Walking Dead, but that won’t be in season 5.