Walking Dead Webisode: A New Day – Recap of S2E1


In order to deal with the long wait time between seasons, AMC produced The Walking Dead webisodes.  If you’re not familiar with webisodes, they are short online shows.

The first set of The Walking Dead webisodes took place after season 1 of the AMC show.  The series of Webisodes is called “Torn Apart”.  Here is what happens in the first webisode of “Torn Apart” titled “A New Day“:



A woman awakens from her unconscious state and finds her head plastered against the steering wheel of her vehicle.  A wound on her head had been bleeding, but has since stopped.  She frantically looks to the back seat, seeing an empty seat full of chips and other debris with the back passenger door open.  She begins yelling for the names of her children.

Her door seems stuck from the accident she was in.  She kicked at the door until it opened and slithered out of the SUV.  She found her footing while leaning against the SUV and screamed for her kids once more.  A helicopter flew overhead and the sound of car alarms distracted her for a moment while she took in her surroundings.

She took one more look in the back seat and found her cellular phone.  Although it had taken some abuse in the accident, the phone seemed to function.  However, when she tried to get it to work, she found it unable to work.  In a panic, she runs past broken down cars and wreckage, looking for her children.

The woman paused at what seemed to be a deserted birthday party.  The meat on the grill was burned to a crisp and the tablecloth was covered with blood.  Partially hidden near the grill and picnic table was a bloody, motionless body.

After seeing this “party” scene, she starts really freaking out.  She yells for anyone to help her and runs down the street.  She turns the corner at an intersection and sees two walkers having a meal out of a deceased person.  She stares in disgust and confusion for a moment before one of the walkers looks up at her and snarls.  The walker slowly got to his feet and began chasing after her.

She sprints to a house and finds the door to be locked.  Panicking, she lifts up the welcome mat hoping to find the key.  Instead, the door opened and a man with a shotgun pointed his gun at her.  Then, he noticed the walker chasing her and shot it in the head, blowing it to pieces.

He yelled for her to get in the house and pulled her in by the arm and the episode ended.