Walking Dead Webisode: Domestic Violence – Recap of S2E3


Here is the next installment in the first series of The Walking Dead webisodes.  This is season 2 episode 3 of Torn Apart and is titled “Domestic Violence”.



At the conclusion of episode 2, the boy was putting back the dog’s dish and heard a walker type growl from near a bloodied carpet.

This episode starts with a brunette woman walking down the street with a bag of groceries.  She sees the carnage of vehicles that have been in accidents and even a body laying on the ground.  She drops her groceries and checks on the body.  It is a young girl who seems to be unconscious.

She listens for a heartbeat, and hears nothing.  Then, the girl’s eyes open, revealing the emptiness that walkers have.  The brunette woman attempts mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on the girl.  Next, the girl bites down on the woman’s mouth and we hear her cry in pain while blood flows from her lips.

The episode cuts back to the house where Andrew, the woman, and the kids are holding up.  We hear a gunshot and see Andrew go through a side door into the kitchen of the house, locking the door behind him.  He goes over the sink and starts to wash off his bloody hands.

The power to the house goes off and the water stops running.  A loud banging noise can be heard from the door that Andrew locked behind him.  Then, we hear the noise of glass being broken.

Andrew grabs his shotgun and prepares himself for conflict.  He cautiously patrols the house and sees that the front door is wide open.  Yelling that he has a gun, Andrew warns the invaders of the house of his presence.  A trail of blood has been left from the front door leading into the living room.

A picture frame had fallen, with the glass from it shattering.  The photo inside showed Andrew and the brunette woman from the beginning of the episode.

Just when Andrew turns around to look behind him, the brunette woman turns the corner.  She is now a walker and begins to walk after him.  Surprised, Andrew fires on the woman, dropping her to the ground.  He immediately recognizes that this was his girlfriend (fiancee, wife…who knows?) he had just shot.

He runs to her motionless body, crying.  After a period of grief, he rolls her up in a carpet.

The episode fades to black.