Walking Dead Webisode: Neighborly Advice – Recap of S2E4


Here is the recap of the next installment in the first series of The Walking Dead webisodes.  This is season 2 episode 4 of Torn Apart and is titled “Neighborly Advice”.



This episode begins in a garage.  Andrew is digging through stuff frantically.  He seems to be looking for something in particular.  We hear what sounds like Max (the family dog) whimpering off camera.  He tells him to hold on.  Just as he finishes his statement, a gun is pointed at the side of Andrew’s head.

It is a bald man telling Andrew to keep his hands where he can see them.  The man asks Andrew what he’s doing in his basement.  He replies that he is looking for guns.  The man laughs at Andrew and begins to lecture him about how he always seemed to act like he was superior to him.

After belittling Andrew for a little while, he asks him what he plans on shooting if he did get a gun.  Andrew tells his neighbor that his dog had something tear into him and he was going to put him down.  We can hear the dog, still whimpering, off camera.

The neighbor tells Andrew that he has bigger fish to fry than a rabid dog.  He shows Andrew his bloodied pants and then exposes a bite that had been taken out of his leg.  Andrew tells him to go to a hospital.  The neighbor tells Andrew that the CDC is working on a cure and that going to the hospital is pointless because he believes this is a terrorist attack on the United States.

The neighbor tells Andrew that today is his 50th birthday.  He explains what his family did for him for his birthday while we hear what sounds like banging from upstairs.  He went on to explain how he had to kill his own wife because she was infected.  The neighbor also said that he couldn’t shoot his son because it was too difficult for him.

He tells Andrew that he never did like him, but he can have his gun if he puts him out of his misery and shoots his son.  The neighbor hands Andrew the gun and points it at his head.

A gunshot rings out and Neighborly Advice comes to an end.