Walking Dead Webisode: Everything Dies – Recap of S2E6


Here is the recap of the final installment in the first series of The Walking Dead webisodes.  This is season 2 episode 6 of Torn Apart and is titled “Everything Dies”.



This episode leaves off directly after what happened in webisode #5.  The two young children are clinging to the woman who had just eliminated the walker version of the mother-in-law.

Webisode: Everything Dies – The Woman and Kids On The Couch

Andrew enters the room with some weapons, explaining that they need to act in order to survive and recommends that the group heads to Atlanta to get with more survivors.  The young girl says she saw a truck out front of a house nearby.  Andrew is then asked if he knows how to hot wire a car, but states that the doesn’t think they will have to because he knows where the keys are.

Scenery changes and we see Andrew sneaking into a dark basement with a flashlight.  The steps leading up have a massive trail of blood leading away from them.  He follows the blood stain and finds a man who has been killed by a walker with blood all over him.  Luckily, the keys are strapped to the dead man’s body and Andrew removes them from him.

As he turns to leave the basement, he sees a group of people in birthday hats and all of them are now walkers.  They hiss at Andrew as the screen turns black and we hear the sounds of walkers chomping at his flesh and Andrew screaming.

The episode cuts to a helicopter flying overhead.  The helicopter is giving directions to folks on where they should be travelling to get to a safe zone.  Then, we see the woman and the two young kids on the couch again.  The woman jumps up and grabs the bag of weapons, realizing that Andrew probably isn’t returning.  The kids ask about him, but she insists that it is time to go.

Exiting the house, the three of them make their way down the walker infested streets.  As they run, walkers begin to follow them.  She stops at a car with an open door and looks to see if the keys are in them.  They sure are!  She turns to tell the children and a walker from inside the car takes a huge bite out of her arm.

She gets out of the car as quickly as possible and shoots the walker in the head.  The woman then runs over to the kids and gives them the weapons.  She tells both of them that she loves them and wants them to run as fast as they can to the safe point described by the helicopter.

Webisode: Everything Dies – The young girl being given the gun and told to run.

The young girl turns to the boy and says that it is okay and that everything dies, it is God’s plan.  She then grabs his hand and starts sprinting toward the safe zone.Meanwhile, the woman is left near a huge hoard of walkers.  She slowly walked backwards, right into them and was devoured by the mob.

The episode faded to black and we then see the woman as a walker laying on the street with her body torn in half.  Time flashes forward, and we see her decayed body crawling away from us.

The screen turns black and the credits roll on the first series of webisodes.