Walking Dead Webisode: Everything Dies – Review of S2E6


In continuing my reviews of The Walking Dead webisodes, here is my review of season 2 episode 6 from the story Torn Apart titled “ Everything Dies”.



This was the payoff for the rest of the webisodes.  Although Everything Dies was a little longer than the other episodes, it was fast and furious.

The mother after being torn in half by walkers.

Despite the title of the episode, I didn’t expect both adults to be eaten by walkers.  I really figured that one of them would stay alive to escort the children to the safe zone.

However, having the woman sacrifice her life to allow the children to escape was a great moment in these webisodes.  It showed her love for the kids and her dedication to getting them to safety.

To me, the more surprising death was Andrew’s.  I’m not quite sure why he wanted to go into a dark basement to search for car keys attached to a dead body, but I guess that’s a mistake that you only make once.

I’m curious how much time passed between Andrew’s trek into the basement and the mother’s decision to exit the house and go for the safe zone.  Hopefully, she waited a while to see if he would return.

Hannah (aka bicycle zombie) from Torn Apart and The Walking Dead

The coolest thing about this episode was the tie in to an actual episode of The Walking Dead.  Showing the decayed version of the half eaten woman walker was an interesting touch to help watchers connect her with the walker in the episode.  She is the first walker that Rick Grimes encounters on The Walking Dead.  This happens in the premiere episode titled “Days Gone By”.

Although her name is Hannah, she has affectionately been called “the bicycle zombie” by fans of the show because she is the walker that tries attacking Rick while he takes the bicycle from a neighborhood yard.

Sometimes, it’s hard to think that all of these walkers on The Walking Dead had a life and family before they were just flesh eating monsters.  This webisode really helped remind us of this while telling a great story of a family’s fight for survival.