Walking Dead Webisode: Hide And Seek – Recap of S3E1


Here is the recap of the first installment in the second series of The Walking Dead webisodes.  This is season 3 episode 1 of Cold Storage and is titled “Hide And Seek”.



The first image we see is a man leaning against a wall on a rooftop while a walker lays bloodied with a crowbar sticking out of it nearby.  The man regains consciousness and is blinded by the sunlight pouring down on him.  A second man walks up to him talking about scratch off tickets and how he just won $5oo0.

The second man throws the scratch off ticket at the downed walker and is asked by the first man what time it is.  The two men talk and figure out that he was unconscious for about a minute and a half.  The second man explains that the mall is overrun and that the National Guard had made of mess of the looters.

Chase and Harris on the roof of webisode 1 of Cold Storage titled Hide and Seek.

It is revealed that the first man who was unconscious is named Chase.  The other man pulls the crowbar out of the walker’s motionless body and hands it to Chase.  Meanwhile, there is banging against the door on the roof leading inside the building and hissing coming from that direction.

Handing Chase some binoculars,  the second man tells him to check out a self storage area near the building where they currently are.  He says it might have some good stuff for survival.  The second man says not to bother and says the caravan leaves at dawn with or without them.

Walkers are pounding more heavily at the door and you can hear the sounds of it ready to break it down.  The two men leave the rooftop and go down a different stairway to the street.  They walk past burnt bodies and carnage, stopping at a vehicle near the self storage.  The second man, now known as Harris, pulls open a bag from the stories and reveals nudie magazines.

Chase looks at some photos that were put on the wall on a missing poster of some children.  The poster asked if anyone had seen the kids.  Written below the poster was the word “yes” in blood.

A walker surprises Harris on Hide and Seek from the Cold Storage webisodes.

From behind Harris, a group of walkers grab him and begin to eat him alive.  Chase begins to freak out.  Panicking, he runs to a building with a door while being pursued.   The door is locked, so he bashes the doorknob off with the crowbar.  We can still hear Harris yelling in pain from around the corner.

With the walkers closing in on him, Chase enters the dark building.  He makes his way quickly down the hallway and walkers follow him into the building.  As he is running, Chase is checking the storage units in the building to see if they are locked.

After finding no luck with the locked door units, Chase lifts up a garage style door and closes it just in time to avoid a confrontation with a walker.  Sadly, Chase can’t close the door all the way to the floor, and walkers reach and hiss from him from the opening.

Suddenly, gunshots blare and the walkers fall motionless to the ground.  A voice tells Chase to come out NOW.

The episode fades to black and Hide And Seek comes to a conclusion.